Meet Our Teams

We are especially interested in making all of our patients feel right at home! We aim to provide energetic and fun-loving service to each patient, and we put your needs first to achieve efficient and comprehensive treatment.

Our staff is skilled, trained and has years of experience treating patients with the highest level of care. We strive to stay abreast of the very latest in technology and advances by regularly attending continuing education courses and seminars.

Hygiene Team | Dental Teams | Orthodontic Team | Oral Surgery Team | Front Office Team | Lab, X-Ray and Sterilization Team

Front Office Team

Yesenia, Patti, Kari, Courtland, Brie, Karmen, Belinda
Brenda Zareie, CEO



Hygiene Team

Dr. Leigh Cummings-Crenshaw

Stephanie, Ashley, Barbie, Amanda, Donna,
Kevin, Darlene


Dental Teams

Dr. Robert Pate

Carmen and Karen


Dr. Deck Neisler

Linda and Adrienne


Dr. John Gale

Lacie, Melissa, Melanie, Lisa


Orthodontic Team

Dr. Gordon Barfield

Melanie and Rhonda


Spanish Translators

Yesenia & Maricela


Oral Surgery Team

Dr. David C. Miller

Lori, Susan, Cas, Melinda, Lacie