Your oral health is very important and dental treatment is an excellent investment in your overall health and wellbeing. Because of this, we make every effort to help you obtain the dental procedures you need and desire. We don't want financial considerations to be an obstacle to you receiving quality dental care.

Payment Options Include

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We're also happy to partner with CareCredit.

Applying for Care Credit is fast and easy.  You'll get a credit decision immediately.  Simply go to and fill out the application.

Dental Insurance

We accept most major insurance plans and will assist you in obtaining the maximum benefits your plan provides. Even though we're not in a dental insurance network, we'll gladly process your insurance claim for you and estimate the portion that is not covered by insurance. This co-payment amount is due at the time of treatment and may be paid by any of the payment options listed above. Our estimates are based on the information that you have provided us regarding the benefits of the insurance plan your company has chosen. We're not party to your insurance contract and we therefore cannot guarantee what your insurance will cover.

Please understand, however, that the obligation for payment remains with the patient.  Accepting reimbursement is simply a courtesy that we extend to insured patients for 30 days after treatment.  If an insurance company has not sent reimbursement to the office within 30 days, we do request that the treatment balance be satisfied and ask you to contact the insurance company and encourage them to meet their obligation.  If you ever have a question about a statement, payment or insurance reimbursement, please contact us.  As your Athens Family dentist, we are here to help and welcome your inquires.