Public Service

Advantage Behavior Health Systems

Advantage Behavioral Health Systems.  Their mission is to provide person-centered community-based services and treatment to individuals and families experiencing mental illness, developmental disabilities, and addictions.  We participate in fundraising events and provide emergency dental support.  

Operation First Response


We support Operation First Response through monetary donations as well as supplying toothbrushes and toothpaste for their OFR Backpack Program.  To learn how you can help, visit

Operation Smile

Operation smile is a nonprofit medical service organization founded in 1982 by Dr. William P. Magee, Jr. and his wife Kathy Magee.  They help provide cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children worldwide.  Without surgery 9 to 10 of these children born with a cleft condition could die.  Every child deserves exceptional surgical care.  This is why we give.  To learn how you can help, visit

Candy Buy-Back 

We've all been told not to take candy from kids, but excess Halloween candy can be donated for a good cause here at Athens Family Dental.  Kids give their extra candy to a Care Package program for U.S. troops, veterans, and first responders in exchange for a little cash.  For every pound of candy donated, we pay kids one dollar.  

Kids also have the opportunity to write notes for the troops overseas.


Goats for the Old Goat


We donate money to GEMS Development Foundation to help alleviate suffering in the developing world through education, medicine, and sustainable practices. GEMS provides goats to people in the developing world to foster basic nutritional and economic sustainability, and educates farmers on sustainable care and husbandry practices. One goat opens a world of survival and allows a family to have the safety net to pursue education and micro-business. Neighbors can work together to start small local dairies, creating sustainable businesses and breaking the cycle of hunger and extreme poverty.

We collect coats for the homeless shelter.