Implant Testimonials

Implants1-20121029.jpgMr. Stokes

"Dr. Pate did implants for me after I lost my teeth that held in my partial. I could not be happier. They stay put and never move. I have tried for the last two years to just let me have the opportunity to tell people how great the work you did for me is. It takes a while for the implants to settle into the jaw, and that's the hardest part, but it’s worth the wait. At my age, quality of life means a lot, and believe me, I love life, I love food, and I love people. I just want everybody to know what Dr. Pate has done for me. Thanks, Dr. Pate."

Implants2-20121029.jpgMr. Edward

"I could not eat anything after I lost my teeth. My wife had to cook things I could eat, and then had to chop up everything I ate. When I told people I was getting implants to hold my dentures, they thought I was too old. I told them, ‘Even a 90-year-old needs to eat!’ My wife loves my new implants because she does not have to cook and chop food especially for me. I can pretty much eat anything I want, thanks to Dr. Pate."

Cosmetic Makeover Testimonials


"Dr. Pate restored my smile with an implant. I did not want a bridge because my good teeth would have to be cut down to place crowns that would be part of the bridge. The implant worked GREAT! It is easier to clean than a bridge and feels just like my own teeth. Thanks, Dr. Pate!"


"I get so many compliments on my teeth! Dr. Pate explained what he thought I needed. He suggested that I have conscious sedation because the procedure would be fairly lengthy. We agreed on a plan, and now I could not be happier! My sedation was nice and made the experience more pleasant. I love to smile now more than ever! Thanks, Dr. Pate."

Bleaching Testimonials


"ZOOM! Whitening has helped me finally get the white teeth I have longed for all my life. I tried the conventional bleaching, and it helped some. I had the "grey" stain on my teeth caused by antibiotics. It is the hardest to bleach. ZOOM! whitened my teeth 4 shades, and I am overjoyed!"

LANAP (Laser Gum Surgery) Testimonials

lucy.jpg"I have my teeth today thanks to Dr. Pate and Donna. They finally convinced me to have the LANAP laser gum treatment. They told me I was slowly getting worse at each visit (when I got my teeth cleaned). I finally realized that if I did not go through with the procedure, I would lose most, if not all, of my teeth. It has been two years since the treatment, and my gums have never felt better. The bleeding has stopped. My teeth feel sturdier. I know if I do my part at home, I will never lose my teeth. Thanks, Dr. Pate. I love you, Donna!"

convertional_surgery.jpgMr. Brooks

"I had the conventional gum treatment years ago. It was very painful, and I must say, I was hesitant about doing it again. Dr. Pate told me I would not have the same experience with the LANAP laser gum therapy. There would be no cutting, no stitching, and no pain. I am here for my follow-up visit, and I must say, he was right! Thank you, Dr. Pate!"